JCPenney Credit Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the JCPenney Credit Card Login:




Here is how you will gain access to the JCPenney Credit Card Login page quickly:

1. Make sure to click the link for the JCPenney Credit Card Login page that has been provided here for your benefit:

2. Enter your user ID into the text field that has been provided.

3. Click the secure login button.

NOTE: In the pop-up window there is an image shown you and should be the same image you have preselected for security purposes for your account.

4. If the image is the image you preselected for your account, enter your password in the space provided.

5. Click the login button in order to access your account.






Were there any issues trying to access the JCPenney Credit Card Login page? Review this section to resolve issues with your user ID or password.

If you have forgotten your user ID needed for the JCPenney Credit Card Login page, follow these instructions:

1. Click the text below the secure login button that is for looking up your user ID.

2. Enter your account number in the field provided.

3. Click the next button and follow the account specific steps in order to recover your secure user ID information.

4. After you have recovered you user ID for the JCPenney Credit Card Login page, make sure to refer back to the video above and the login process detailed below it.





Here is the contact information to reach someone regarding the JCPenney Credit Card Login page.

Customer Support



Here you now have all of the information needed to make accessing the JCPenney Credit Card Login page a smooth process. Make sure that you always have the best information regarding this by bookmarking our page here for your future use.